Easy Drawer Makeover

I don't know about you, but my therapy materials seem to multiply overnight!  Keeping them organized is always a challenge.  This year, I was looking for a way to easily sort my monthly homework pages for my students, but had trouble finding a unit that would fit in my space - and more importantly, my budget!

I came across this Helmer drawer unit from IKEA that fit with what I was looking for.  Unfortunately, it was only available in boring, basic colors.  I could have chosen to spray paint it a nice green or blue color to match my therapy room, but instead, I went for a much easier, time-saving solution - washi tape!

I found two patterns of washi tape that coordinated with my therapy room color scheme.  (These particular rolls are from the Scotch brand, which I found at Staples.)  I cut pieces to fit each drawer, and lined them up on the front.

The great part about this tape is that it is easily removable, so when I didn't get one drawer lined up just right, it was simple to reposition it without tearing the tape or damaging the drawer.  Plus, if I want to change the colors/patterns down the road, all I'll have to do is peel it off!

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