Speech-Language Therapy Reward System

Something I’ve had a lot of questions about is my reward/incentive system for my students.  Obviously, my system won’t work for every setting or population, but it seems to work well for the majority of my elementary school (K-6) students.

As you can see in the picture, I keep reward charts for my students on display on my large metal cabinet.  These were simple ones I created in Powerpoint to go with my color scheme, but there are many others that are commercially available, including in my room decor sets available on TpT, and in teacher supply stores and catalogs.

On each chart, there is a space for each students’ name and grade, which I write on each one at the beginning of the year.  (Since I always seem to add students throughout the year, I make sure to have extras on hand!)  I laminate each one, then put them together on a flat surface - my cabinet works well for this, but any bulletin board or wall space would be fine.

I keep my system fairly simple.  Each time a student comes for a speech-language therapy session, they put a star/mark on their chart with a dry erase marker.  At the end of the session, we talk about if the student has worked hard or not - if so, they get to add another star.  In addition, students may receive a star for each piece of homework returned.  Once my students fill up a row (which has seven spaces), they may choose something from my treasure box.  Since the majority of my students see me either two or three times a week, this ensures each student gets a prize about every other week.  Once a student fills up their chart, I put a star at the top next to their name (to indicate how many times the chart has been filled), and erase the other stars to start over.

As you can see from the picture, I have sort of a hybrid treasure box.  I still have some traditional items in my box (which currently includes regular and mechanical pencils, erasers, sticky hands, bouncy balls, tops, stickers, bracelets, small plastic mazes, and notebooks), but have included some rewards from my No Cost Rewards freebie available on TpT (which includes the privilege of using a pen/mechanical pencil, sitting in my chair, having a piece of artwork displayed in my room, and choosing a stuffed animal buddy for the day).  The traditional items are generally small rewards from Oriental Trading Company (I usually make an order each summer), the dollar store, or party favors.

Tell me, do you use a reward system for your students?  How does it work?

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  1. aha! I found the blog about your sticker charts, Natalie! Where might I find some similar charts? =) mary margaret


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