Welcome to my new blog, and thanks for stopping by!  I've been an active member of the online SLP community for the last several years, and decided it was time to take the plunge and start my own blog.

My name is Natalie Snyders, and I'm in my sixth year as a school speech-language pathologist.  I have experience working with students ranging in age from preschool through high school, although my favorite setting is the elementary school level.  Ever since I was in grad school, I have enjoyed creating my own therapy materials - in fact, it has become a passion of mine!  Here's some examples of the materials I've created:

A little bit more about me - I live in a small town in east-central Illinois with my husband and our two cats.  I love spending time with my family, reading, office supplies, and the color green!  After spending my first three years as a highly mobile SLP, traveling between 10 different schools, I would describe my therapy style as flexible and creative.  Even though I currently work at one elementary school with a couple of hours at a middle school each week, I've not forgotten the lessons I learned in my first setting.  My primary purpose when creating materials is to make things easier for my fellow SLPs, while making life a little more beautiful at the same time!  To me, organization and simplicity can be things of beauty, and shouldn't be overlooked when designing materials. 

If you'd like to see more of my materials, you can also find me on Teachers Pay Teachers, Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram!


  1. Welcome to the blogger world. You'll be a natural at this.

  2. Yay Natalie! So glad to see this new blog! You've got wonderful ideas and I'm so glad to call you my virtual friend ;)


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