Sweet and Simple Therapy Idea - Christmas Tree Craft

I'm back with another installment of my Sweet and Simple Therapy Ideas today!  Today's idea is great for the Christmas season - make a large green triangle out of construction paper, and cut out circles of different colors for ornaments.  I used a 2.75" circle crafting punch, but you could also use a die cut machine if you have one available at your school.

In my example, we used the circles to correspond with the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) to describe a Christmas tree.  You could also put target words on each ornament for your articulation or phonology students to practice.  If your school/student doesn’t celebrate Christmas, use white circles on blue paper for a quick snowball craft instead!


  1. Great idea! I don't have EET, but I could certainly use it for the students to write target words on to practice!


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