Turn File Cabinets into Magnetic Display Space!

Need more display space?  Turn metal file cabinets sideways and turn them into magnet boards!

You can dress them up with magnetic borders or decorative tape.  (Washi tape works great for this, since it tends to come off very easily!)  Add some fun magnets, and you can brighten up a formerly dull space in a short amount of time!  (Tip:  If your file cabinet has seen better days, or the color doesn’t match the rest of your room, you can tape on some colorful wrapping paper, contact paper, or scrapbook paper to cover it up.)

I use this one next to my desk as more of a bulletin board with papers I need to have for quick reference, a magnetic dry erase board with my list of students to evaluate, and some favorite pictures.  I have another that I use to put up therapy activities or student work, and another that holds up my Expanding Expression Tool poster.

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