Today's Sweet and Simple Therapy Idea is perfect for winter, and needs no prep at all!  All you need is a piece of paper and crayons or markers.  (You could also use a dry erase board or iPad drawing app if you want and save some trees!)

First, have your student draw a picture of a snowman.  You can either have them draw their own, or work on listening comprehension, following directions, and basic concepts by giving your student(s) specific directions to follow.

Next, have your student describe the snowman that he/she drew.  (Personally, I love the Expanding Expression Tool, so I incorporated that tool into this activity.)  For younger students, you can write down their responses, and for older students, have them write a short paragraph or story about their snowman.  Alternatively, you could have a student give directions to yourself or another student (with a barrier between) to see if the other snowman came out like the picture.

For my articulation students, we brainstormed words with our target sound(s) that we might see around a snowman or outside.  (In the example, we thought of L words such as little, lake, left, look, and light.)  For my fluency student, we made up a story about our snowman while practicing our smooth speech.

What other goals can you think of to target with this activity?

I don't know about you, but I have relied on my trusty clipboard case since my grad school days.  I carry it everywhere with me during the school day.  I keep my weekly data sheets and schedule on top - seriously, I wouldn't be able to keep track, otherwise! - as well as some essentials in the case itself.

It made me wonder, though - what do you consider to be your every day "essentials"?

Here's a peek at what is inside my clipboard:

Some of my essentials include:
Copy of parent rights
Blank paper
Copy of my K/1st screening and record forms
Business cards with my school email and phone number
Star bucks (part of our school-wide positive behavior system)
Small mirror
Paper clips
Hair tie
Mints/hard candy
Protein bar

What do you make sure you always have with you?  Leave a comment below, and check out the link up below to see what other SLP bloggers have to say!

I don't know about you, but I'm always curious (or nosy, but curious sounds better!) about what life is like for other SLPs out there.  Lyndsey over from Speech to the Core has started a great new series on this subject, featuring a different blogger every week, called "A Day in the Life of..."  And guess what?  I am being featured over there today, so make sure to go check it out!

What does your typical day look like?

Today's focus:  a quick and easy DIY project!  A couple of weeks ago, I decided to set up a new office space in our house for myself.  I grabbed a bulletin board from the basement and decorated with some leftover fabric.  I put up my calendar, some inspirational quotes, and a few pictures, but something was missing.

Then, I found these fun letters at Meijer (also available at Jo Ann's, Michael's, and most craft stores), and decided they would be a cute addition.  I chose to use my initials, but "SLP" would be fun, especially in your therapy room.

I used a pretty shade of teal acrylic paint, which I applied with a small sponge brush.

These letters came with clear plastic hangers, which were used for display at the store.  I left them on and painted around them, so I could use them to hang the finished letters on the bulletin board with push pins more easily.

Once the letters dried, I added them to my bulletin board.  Here's the finished product:

I'm very happy with how it turned out.  What do you think?
Today, I am feeling SO thankful for each and every one of YOU!  Because of you, I am featured today on TeachersPayTeachers' blog for achieving my second sales milestone on the site.

When I listed my first item on TpT at the end of July in 2012, I didn't know how important it would become.  Ever since grad school (shoutout to my fellow EIU Panthers!), I enjoyed creating my own therapy materials for clinic.  When I started my first job as a CF with little to no materials at any of my ten schools, I had to make even more of my own materials just to keep up with my students.  Now that I am in my sixth year of practice, I have no plans to slow down!

Over time, creating quality speech and language therapy materials has become a passion of mine.  I love to see what my students are able to do with my different ideas, and I have had the privilege of seeing how other SLPs are using my materials with students around the country!  Your feedback and pictures of my products in action have been inspiring and so amazing.

As a small thank you, I have made a free sampler of my monthly homework packets.  Each of the ten pages can stand alone as a therapy activity or a homework page.  I hope you enjoy it!

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