What's In Your Clipboard?

I don't know about you, but I have relied on my trusty clipboard case since my grad school days.  I carry it everywhere with me during the school day.  I keep my weekly data sheets and schedule on top - seriously, I wouldn't be able to keep track, otherwise! - as well as some essentials in the case itself.

It made me wonder, though - what do you consider to be your every day "essentials"?

Here's a peek at what is inside my clipboard:

Some of my essentials include:
Copy of parent rights
Blank paper
Copy of my K/1st screening and record forms
Business cards with my school email and phone number
Star bucks (part of our school-wide positive behavior system)
Small mirror
Paper clips
Hair tie
Mints/hard candy
Protein bar

What do you make sure you always have with you?  Leave a comment below, and check out the link up below to see what other SLP bloggers have to say!

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  1. My essentials include: a copy of my schedule, the school calendar, blank paper, a to-do list (always too long!), a percentage chart, pens, a jump drive with my favorite TPT products, and a picture of my kids to keep me smiling! Linda@Looks-Like-Language


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