Sweet and Simple Therapy Idea - Stamper Markers

Today's Sweet and Simple Therapy Idea is perfect for days when you don't have much time to plan, or want to make drills in therapy more exciting!

I found these stamper markers at IKEA last summer for about $2.  Each one is a different color with a different stamp.  (I believe Crayola also makes a similar version.)  There are MANY ways you could use these in therapy, but here are two to get you started!

First, I used them with my artic and phono students.  I made some quick tables on the computer - one page had 100 squares, and the other had 50.  (I used the smaller one for my younger students.)  For every time they said their sound/word correctly, the students got to put a stamp of their choice in one of the boxes.  If they said it incorrectly, I used a different stamp on the page.  Not only did this make the drill more fun, I could also quickly add up the data at the end of the session by looking at the different colors of stamps!

Another way I used these is with a student who has difficulty with time concepts (yesterday, tomorrow, weekends, next week, etc.).  I printed off a paper calendar of the month, and we used the stamps to indicate different events that occur during the month.  (Notice how I snuck the heart in for speech-language therapy days?  ;))  Then we talked about how many days it was to a certain event, the days of the week, and months of the year.

Have you ever used these before?  What other therapy ideas do you have for them?

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