Time Concepts for Speech-Language Therapy - Months, Seasons, and Holidays

I don't know about you, but I have students that just don't seem to "get" time concepts.  They're the ones who ask me, "Do I see you today?" every time they see me in the hallway, or will "When will it be Halloween again?" five times in a month.

I finally decided I needed to target these skills, but how?  I tried pulling my calendar off the wall and using that for a few sessions, but I realized my students just didn't have the foundational concepts down, and needed specific practice targeted at these skills.  So I created this:

This 50 page unit is divided into three sections, each of which build upon the previous unit.  It starts out with months, then moves to seasons, and then moves to holidays.

Each section includes:
- Master reference sheet
- Sorting activity (seasons and holidays only)
- 24 (seasons) or 32 (months and holidays) question cards
- 6 (holiday) or 8 (months and seasons) interactive book
- 4 worksheets for take home practice

These activities can be used over multiple sessions and with multiple students in a session over the course of an entire year. They could be used in either individual or small group speech-language therapy sessions or in a special education classroom setting.

Tell me, do you have students that need this practice, too?

PS:  Have kids that need help with days of the week, tomorrow, yesterday, next week, etc.?  I have another product in the works for these concepts, too!  :)

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