Sweet & Simple Therapy Ideas: Paper, Pencil, & Paper Clip Challenge

Today, I’m linking up with Felice over at The Dabbling Speechie for her Paper, Pencil, and Paper Clip Therapy Challenge.

This challenge is right up my alley!  I spent my first three years as an SLP traveling between ten different parochial schools each week, so I learned how to travel light, as well as quickly adapt any materials that might happen to be in the space I was using that day.  (Random side note: The King James version of the Bible is a great source for TH words!) 

I decided to show you three quick and easy ways I’ve used paper, pencils, and paper clips in therapy before.

Open ended games to use with any stimulus items (artic, language, fluency, or phono), like this dots game, are a hit with my students!  You’ve probably seen a version of this game before, but draw dots on the page in lines and rows.  After correctly answering the stimulus items, each person will draw a line between any two dots.  If you complete a box, you get to go again.  The goal is to make the most boxes at the end of the game.

I love to use these materials to target following directions, prepositions, and basic concepts.  You can have your students follow directions on how to fold the paper, place the paperclip “next to” or “under” the paper, draw a small triangle below a large square, etc.  You could also draw pictures of a boy or a girl to add to the mix to target pronouns as well.

My students also love making "fortune tellers" with paper!  I often use these with articulation students and have them write words or sentences with their target sound on them.  I’ve also used these with synonyms and antonyms, vocabulary and definitions, WH questions/answers, and telling jokes.

How else would you use these materials?


  1. Such fun ideas with simple materials! Love your ideas, Natalie!

  2. Great idea with the cootie catchers. This was such a fun challenge! Really stretched my creativity.

  3. Wonderful ideas in this linky! I think I'm going to can all my materials and go back to my roots :)


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