Resumes for SLPs and New Grads

Is it time to update your resume?  Looking for a new job?  Or perhaps you are getting close to graduation and are wondering what to put on it?

I recently created these completely editable resume templates designed specifically for SLPs and teachers.

Now, don't worry - I'm personally not looking for a new job, but I did want to update my professional portfolio that I created this year for the Danielson evaluation tool that my district uses.  I decided it would be easiest to do some of this in a resume format - after all, I want to make sure my administration knows exactly what I do and what I am responsible for when it comes time for my evaluation next year.  I tried looking around online, but couldn't find anything that was attractive enough that also fit our profession well - so I ended up making my own, of course!

I created four similar - but unique - templates that can be customized with your information and color scheme.  Included in each set is a resume template, cover letter template, and blank letterhead, as well as detailed instructions.  Two versions require you to download custom fonts, but the other two are designed with fonts that are generally pre-installed in most versions of PowerPoint.

Not sure what to include in your resume?  Here is a sample:

If you are a new grad, I would simply adjust the format I have used to fit with your experiences.  Instead of "Current Responsibilities," I would call it something like "Professional Experience."  There, I would list all of your relevant grad school placements, what disorders you have worked with, how many students, etc.  If you have other work experience (perhaps a graduate assistantship) that is relevant to the field of speech-language pathology, I would change the "Previous" section to something like, "Other" and list it there.  Use the "Education & Certifications" box to include your anticipated graduation date and your undergraduate degree(s).  If you haven't received your state licensure yet, but will apply upon graduation, I would state something like, "Eligible in May 2016 for Illinois Licensure (after graduation)."  Use the "Miscellaneous" box to list any professional organizations of which you have been a member (such as your campus chapter of NSSHLA or Special Olympics).  

If you are a more experienced SLP, I would include any important trainings or certifications that you have gone through (such as PROMPT, PECS, etc.).

What do you think?  Is this something you might use?


  1. I didn't know you created the Quick Take Along Series! I LOOOOOVE them! Especially the articulation phrases and sentences one!

    1. I'm glad to hear it! Yes, I came up with the idea over three years ago now and sold it to Super Duper, who have expanded my original idea greatly!

  2. Omg Natalie, I love the quick takealongs too! That is so cool that you created that :D Also, thanks for these tips. I don't graduate til December, but I know I need to start thinking about these things soon!


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