Speech-Language Therapy Explanation Handouts for Parents, Teachers, & Staff

I don’t know about you, but every summer after the school year ends, I start thinking about what I can do next year to improve.  Now sometimes, that might be how I want to change my bulletin boards, or rearrange my materials and furniture.  But this year, one thing that came to mind is that I don’t think many parents and my fellow teachers and staff have a good understanding of what I do with their students - or why it is important.

Sure, I try to spread awareness every May for Better Speech and Hearing Month, but I don’t think it is enough.  I feel like I try to explain when I do my initial and re-evaluations, but I also know that there is a lot of information at those meetings, and it’s hard to absorb it all at one time.

So I decided what I needed to do was to come up with some one-page handouts in parent-friendly language that clearly lay out what speech-language pathology is, a description of some of the most common communication disorders, and the impact of those disorders can have in the school setting.

And so, after many hours of writing and tweaking and suggestions from non-SLPs (thanks to my parents and teacher husband!), I came up with these:

 SLP Explanation Handouts for Parents and Teachers

Obviously, I always set out to make products that will be helpful, save time, and make my work life easier.  But I have to admit, this is one of my favorite products I’ve ever made!  I plan on making copies and having them ready to hand out at every IEP meeting I go to for both parents and teachers.  I will also be sending them home at the beginning of the year with every student.  They are also going to end up in my professional artifact portfolio for my administrators when it is time for my evaluation again next year.

Want a closer look?  I’m offering a free one page sample here!

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  1. This looks great! I always have parents that are bewildered that their child needs speech & language therapy because "they don't say any sounds wrong!" :) It would be great to show them that articulation is just a SMALL part of what we do so they can understand how we can be helpful to their child - even if all their speech sounds are correct! :)

  2. These look amazing, Natalie and are in my cart! Now that you've finished it, will you get busy on my weather product :)


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