CCSS "I Can" Posters for SLPs

I don't know about you, but in my state, we are expected to use the Common Core State Standards when writing goals.  The classroom teachers in my school are expected to display the standards they are using, as it is part of the teacher evaluation criteria.  When I was looking two years ago, I couldn't find anything to help me display the standards as an SLP - so, of course I decided to make my own!

speech language pathology common core state standards

I sat down with the CCSS for several hours, deciding which standards correlated with the profession of speech-language pathology the most.  I translated those into student-friendly "I can" statements that would work for a wide range of ages.

I ended up making several different sets to go with practically any decor.  For kindergarten through fifth grade, there are the cool tones set (aqua, blue, purple, lime green), warm tones set (yellow, orange, pink, red), rainbow set (three different color schemes), and patterns set (four different color schemes).  There is also one set for middle school and high school that contains six different color options.  I love how they make a functional, yet beautiful, bulletin board display!

I've also included a handy 5 page chart that lists each "I Can" statement and corresponding standard for each grade level.  I keep this next to my work computer for easy reference when writing IEPs.


  1. Hello, I love these boards. I can't seem to find any bulletin board paper with circle patterns like these online or at any teacher stores. Do you remember where you found the bulletin board paper for these boards?


    1. It's actually fabric, not paper! It's a pattern called "Pearl Bracelet" by Lizzie House, which I got online at


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