Parent Letter to Send Home at the Beginning of the Year

Last year, my district required an individual growth plan for the first time as part of our adoption of the Danielson model of evaluation.  For my goal, I chose to focus on communication with my students' parents.

While it is a new school year, and I technically have a new "plan" in place, I wanted to continue my focus.  In years past, I have always sent home a short note about what times I would be seeing each student for therapy and my contact information, but this year, I decided to make it a little more personal.

I think it is a good idea for parents to have an idea of who is working with their child!  While I am not a parent myself, this is the kind of information I would like to know if I was one.  Some important things I wanted to include:

  1. My name and contact information.
  2. A picture of myself, so parents might be able to recognize me in the hall or when they come in for Open House or IEP meetings.
  3. A brief introduction of myself - how many years I have been working as an SLP and in this district, my family, and something I did this past summer.
  4. A head's up to watch for anything green, because I try to make sure my student folders and notes I send home are green.  (Read about why I do that here!)  When I made copies of these to send home, I made them on bright green paper.
  5. When I am tentatively planning to see their child for therapy.
  6. Where to find me in the school building.  (If you are only in the building certain days of the week, make sure to note this here!)
  7. When to expect our next IEP meeting.  (It's hard to keep track of dates!  Make it easier on parents with multiple reminders.)

Since I also have some IEP meetings already scheduled, I made these matching meeting reminder notices to keep on my desk as needed.  (Again, my copies are in bright green!)

Want your own editable version of these forms?  You're in luck!  I just uploaded a free version in my TpT store here.

Tell me, is this something you might use?


  1. I've always sent out a general welcome letter, but have never included anything specific to each child. I love the idea of personalizing it for each child with their schedule and (especially) their Annual Review date, though. I think this is something I will be using next year! PS: bought orange (my favorite) paper this weekend. I'll be going on a copying spree come Tuesday before our Back To School night! Thanks for that great idea!

  2. Love the letter but couldn't download from TPT. Keep on getting error message.

    1. Hmm, that is odd. Did you try closing out of your browser, and then going back to the product page?

  3. I couldn't get the link to work either...but found it on your TPT page. ;)


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