Articulation Progress Monitoring Tool - Free Add On for the /dg/ Sound!

Have you been wanting to try my progress monitoring tools for speech and language, but not sure if they will work for you?  Or have you already purchased them, but have been missing the /dg/ sound?  You are in luck!  I just uploaded this free add-on sample to my bestselling Articulation Progress Monitoring Tool.

In it, you will find one record form and nine stimulus pages.  You can indicate what level the student is working on (words, phrases, and/or sentences), and then take quick data using the nine pages of stimulus items.  For each position (initial, medial, or final), you will find a page of stimulus pictures at word, phrase, and sentence level.

FREE Articulation Progress Monitoring Sample from Natalie Snyders

I keep mine in a binder with the rest of my articulation progress monitoring tool probes.  I have plastic binder dividers that separate each section - I prefer the dividers that have pockets, so I can store extra copies of the record forms.  This makes it easy to grab off the shelf and go!

I typically administer these probes about every nine weeks (when my progress reports are due) and/or before a student's annual IEP meeting to have up to date information on his/her present levels.

Is this something you think might be helpful for your caseload?

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