Werewolf Language Activities for Upper Elementary and Middle School Students

One thing I struggle with is finding materials for my upper elementary and middle school students that have age-appropriate graphics and topics, yet are at the level of my students.  This is particularly difficult when it comes to holiday-related materials, such as for Halloween.  I still want to be able to have a little fun with my older students around these holidays - just like I do with my younger students - but I don’t want them to be embarrassed or insulted by graphics that are too juvenile.

Last year, I created a quick unit on werewolves for my middle school language students, and they loved it!  When I was thinking about my October plans this year, I remembered it from last year, and pulled it out (ok, found it on my flash drive!) to update a bit and share with you!

The basis of the unit is a two page “newspaper” that covers the legend of the werewolf.  The accompanying worksheets target comprehension questions, vocabulary matching, describing, comparing, contrasting, conjunctions, and irregular past tense verbs.

I have been able to use this unit with two or three sessions with my 5th through 8th grade students.  It has sparked some great discussions, and I love being able to sneak in some language skills while having fun!
Is this something you might be able to use with your students?  I plan to add similar short units for other holidays/seasons for this age level, too!


  1. It can be a challenge to find materials that are at the right "level" without looking too young. I find myself covering the grade ranges on many books with tape so my middle school students won't notice. I love the werewolf times and am eagerly awaiting more products just like it!

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