Quick and easy Valentine Freebie for SLPs

Need a quick and easy Valentine activity to use with the majority of your elementary caseload?  I've got a great open-ended freebie that is perfect for you!

 Valentine's Day Freebie for Speech Language Therapy

This two page freebie has one page for articulation/phonology, and another that can be used for whatever language target you choose.

Here are some examples of students with articulation/phonology goals:

 Quick and easy Valentine freebie for speech language therapy

I had my language students fill in the circles with things like irregular past tense verbs, irregular plurals, items in categories, and pronouns (where the student drew a picture of a boy or girl, and we labeled each one with he/she/they).

At the end of the session, I had my students take their pages home to show to their parents.  It's always nice to give parents a picture of what we are working on in therapy!

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