Explanation of the /R/ Sound Freebie!

I don't know about you, but I seem to have a LOT of /r/ students this year!  As it came time for parent teacher conferences and third quarter progress reports, I knew I needed to make something to explain just how complicated the /r/ sound can be for students to learn, and why.

I decided to make a one page handout, similar in style to my bestselling Speech-Language Therapy Explanation Handouts.  Naturally, I copied it on my trademark green paper so it would stand out!

Why is the R Sound so Hard to Say?  FREE handout for SLPs from Natalie Snyders

If this is something you could use, I am offering it as a bonus when you sign up for my free email newsletter.  I plan on sending a quick email 1-4 times per month with highlights from my blog, new product alerts, exclusive freebies, and much more!

You can sign up at www.tinyurl.com/nataliesnyders.

Why is the R Sound so Hard to Say?  FREE handout for SLPs by Natalie Snyders

After receiving the confirmation email, your free download should be sent to you immediately.  (Please make sure to check your junk email folder if it doesn't show up in your inbox, and add me to your "preferred senders" email list.)

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