Time4SpeechBox.com Review

Did you know that there is now a monthly subscription box for SLPs?  It's called Time4Speech.com, and they graciously sent me a free sample box to try out.  (While the box was provided to me free of charge, all the opinions expressed here are my own.)

The box is available for $25 per month (with a digital-only option for $10 per month).  It's designed for ages 3-6, or children in preschool through about first grade.  

The box is built around a particular theme each month - the one I received was outer space themed.  Something I love about the box is that it includes toys, activities, and specific instruction sheets on how to target both speech AND language goals!  As a busy SLP, I love items that can be used over and over again in different ways.

Included in my box were a large outer space poster, a page with both speech and language instructions, articulation cards with themed words for common targets for this age range, a moon ball,   open-ended game board, game pieces, a spaceship pen, a rebus story, sticker chart with stickers, and glow in the dark stars.

For $25, I feel like this box is a very good value.  As a busy school SLP, I could definitely see ordering this for myself as a special treat each month!  (Seriously, who doesn't love fresh new therapy supplies that someone else has put together for you?)  Unfortunately, I don't have very many students on my caseload at the moment in this age range, but if I suddenly had an influx of kindergarten and first grade students, I would definitely order at least a couple of boxes during each school year.

While a few of the items were clearly for one child only - such as the sticker chart - I could see myself using the whole box during a week or two of therapy in my regular sessions.

I think this also is a great idea to recommend to parents and grandparents of students who want to help support their child's speech and language development at home!  This would be a great suggestion for over summer vacation or as a Christmas/birthday present.  

While this is currently targeted for ages 3-6, I would love to see some themed boxes for older students, too!

Side note: my cat Walden loved chasing the moon ball around my office!  I guess he is three years old, so he's technically within the target age range for this box.  :)

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