Easy Ice Cream Craft for Articulation & Language

I must admit, I am not much of a craft person when it comes to therapy!  However, every couple of months, I like to pull out an quick and easy craft for my students to do.  Most of my students (and ok, myself!) are dreaming of summer with less than four weeks left in our school year.  I decided we should make something with a summer theme, and voila!  This cute ice cream cone craft was the result.

This simple craft has been great for all sorts of articulation and language goals!  All you need is different colors of construction paper, scissors, and glue.  I cut large pieces of contruction paper into three strips each for the background paper, then either I or the students (depending on their level) cut out the "scoops" and cone from the different colors of construction paper.  After this, we wrote our targets on each scoop, and finally glued them to the page.

Here are some of the goals I targeted with this craft:

  1. For students working on articulation/phonology goals, we wrote their target words/sentences on each ice cream scoop.
  2. For students working on describing with the Expanding Expression Tool (EET), we made our scoops match up with the colors in the tool, and wrote the corresponding attribute on each one.
  3. For students working on following directions, I gave them specific instructions to follow when we assembled our ice cream cones.  (For example, "Put the blue scoop below the white scoop.")
  4. For students working on expanding utterances or asking questions, I put the materials out of their reach, and had them ask for what they needed.  (For example, "Can I have the blue scoop?")
  5. For students working on plurals and verb tenses, we wrote the target form of the word on each scoop.
  6. For students working on categories, we came up with a category (such as ice cream flavors), and wrote them down on each scoop.
  7. For students working on coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS), we came up with a sentence using each conjunction and wrote it on the scoop.
What do you think?


  1. LOVE it! So simple, yet effective and useful for EVERY group on the caseload! Could even include social targets.

  2. Love how quick and easy this is. AND it could be used for any goal! My kiddos LOVE doing crafts! Will definitely have to give this one a go! Thanks!


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