Reflections on ASHA 2016

I've been home from the 2016 ASHA Convention for almost a week now, and have had some time to reflect.  Several people have asked me, "Is it really worth the time and expense?"

In a word, yes.

The ASHA Convention is one of the most exhausting and rewarding experiences I have all year.  I end up walking more miles per day than I want to know, am on my feet for 6+ hours a day, and don't get enough sleep. Last year, I literally wore holes in my shoes!  I miss my family terribly while I am gone. 

But, it also gives me the chance to renew my passion and enthusiasm for speech language pathologist, while surrounded by some of my best friends that I only get to see once or twice a year.  (Seriously, these ladies are amazing, and I am so proud to call them my colleagues and friends!)

I am surrounded by 14,000+ people from around the country that share my passion for communication.  I get to meet hundreds of them myself at our blogger booth, and make amazing new connections that I wouldn't otherwise. I have wonderful conversations with random strangers at our booth or in line to grab some food.  

I have the opportunity to share my ideas on a live stage with other SLPs who will go home and try them.  (Many thanks to my friends Hallie Sherman and Felice Clark for presenting with me!)  

I get pushed out of my comfort zone again and again in the five days I am away from home.  This is why I love the ASHA convention, and why you'll see me next year in LA!

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