Don't forget to fill your own cup!

SLP friend, I know you.  You care so much about your students and sometimes feel overwhelmed with the weight of everything that is expected of you.  Sometimes you are tempted to walk out that door at the end of the school day and not come back - and yet, there you are tomorrow morning, because you can't give up on your kids, and you know the power of the communication skills you are helping them learn.  It's overwhelming, exhausting, and the best job in the world, all wrapped up together!

But do me a favor, will you?  Take some time for yourself over the next couple of weeks and refill your own cup.  Ignore those progress reports and work emails for a few more days and take care of yourself!  You can't give any more from a vessel that is empty.  It's necessary to take time to rest and recharge yourself to keep up with everything that is on your plate.  You're worth it, friend.

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