Better Hearing and Speech Month Freebie

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!  I don't know about you, but I always make a point of observing BHSM at my school.  Yes, it takes some time and effort on my part, and I know that not everyone on staff will pay attention, but I firmly believe that anything I can do to help spread awareness of the profession is worth it.

To help spread awareness, I created this BHSM freebie (which you can find here in my TpT store) that I share with my staff throughout the month of May.  My goal is to share one or two of these items a week, so it lasts the whole month, but you could certainly choose one week to share everything.

First, I print out a few of the posters and place them in the teachers' lounge.  I also send out an email, letting staff know that the month of May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, and that there will be some small surprises to look out for over the next month.  I also let them know that there will be a special contest at the end, so they will definitely want to hang on to all the information if they want to win!

Then, I print the introduction letter and the "What Does an SLP Do Anyway?" handout front to back on a bright sheet of paper.  This goes in all staff mailboxes.

Over the next few weeks, I share the classroom communication tips handout, hearing protection handout with individually wrapped disposable earplugs (such as these from Amazon), water bottles and tags, and (new for 2017!) highlighters with tags.

At the end of the month, I share the BHSM quiz, letting teachers know that there is a special prize awarded to one random person who completes it.  (Let's face it, a little reward can go a long way! :))  Last year, I let the teachers know that I had a $10 gift card to give away, and that proved very motivating!

I deliberately chose questions that were answered on the different handouts, and I also made a point of including a question about what the letters "SLP" mean.  (I don't mind when my students call me "speech teacher," but I sure would like the adults to know my actual title!)

Tell me, how do you celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month?

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