6 Easy Bulletin Board Ideas for SLPs

6 Easy Bulletin Board Ideas for SLPs

Do you have bulletin boards, or perhaps some wall space that needs a little special something, but don't have the time or energy to come up with an idea?  Tired of feeling like you have to change them up for each season?  No need to worry, because I've gathered six easy bulletin board ideas for you, designed specifically for SLPs!

6 Easy Bulletin Board Ideas for SLPs

1.  Student Goal Display (free here)


This is something easy that I do with my students each year in our first session!  I love it, because it gives me a chance to get to know my students, as well as get a picture of if they truly understand *why* they come to therapy or not.  

It's also great to refer to during sessions when students ask what we're going to be doing that day.

2.  "I Can" Posters Aligned to the Common Core State Standards for SLPs

These posters are something I came up with a few years ago when my state switched over to the CCSS, and I wanted to be able to tie them into therapy.  I have two different levels - kindergarten through 6th grades, and fifth through twelfth grades - and multiple color options.  I love these, because they look so nice, but can be put up once and stay up for years!

3.  See You Later, Alligator Posters for Articulation

 See You Later, Alligator Posters for Articulation

I created these posters when I was trying to think of ways to encourage articulation carryover.  I often told my students, "See you later, alligator!" when they were leaving my therapy room, and one day, I thought it would be a good idea if I had responses set up for them with their target speech sounds in them!

 See You Later, Alligator Posters for Articulation by Natalie Snyders

4.  "Words Have Power" Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

This bulletin board was inspired by the growth mindset movement - where you encourage students to go from negative, "what I used to say," to more positive "what I say now."  I simply printed the negative statements in different fonts on white paper, and put the positive re-framing statements on colored copy paper.

5.  Inspirational Quote Posters for SLPs

This set of ten inspirational quote posters are all related to communication, so they are perfect for an SLP's room!  You can put them in individual frames, or make a bulletin board display with them.

 Inspirational Quote Posters for SLPs

6.  High Stakes Vocabulary Builder (younger and older versions)

 High Stakes Vocabulary Builder for SLPs

My High Stakes Vocabulary Builders are designed to strengthen a student's testing vocabulary throughout an entire school year, with one word used per week.  There are two versions - the younger version for about first through fourth grades, and the upper version for about fifth through twelfth grades.

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