Personal Dictionary - Free Printable

Do you struggle with coming up with an organized way to keep track of new vocabulary terms for your students?  I have created a free printable to help!

FREE personal dictionary printable to help expand vocabulary

Research (Wright & Cervetti, 2016) shows that simply being told a definition is not enough when it comes to actually learning a given term.  Students need to be actively engaged in thinking about the word meaning, and this printable provides a great starting point for your therapy discussion!  I like to start by asking my students if they have ever come across this word or what it makes them think of.  We talk about not only what the word means, but also come up with example sentences, a drawing of the term, and brainstorm or look up any related words (synonyms, antonyms, etc.).

FREE personal dictionary printable to help expand vocabulary

This "personal dictionary" allows your students to take ownership of their vocabulary, as well as provide different ways to practice.  I often make several copies and staple ten to twenty together for each student, so we can review words in later sessions.

Wright, T.S., Cervetti, G. (2016). A systematic review of the research on vocabulary instruction that impacts text comprehension. Reading Research Quarterly.


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