Easy, Low Prep Idea for Mixed Articulation Groups

Do you ever get bored with the same old flashcard (and maybe a game) drill with your mixed articulation groups, especially for your older elementary students?  It's so hard to plan for students working on different sounds or levels, so you have given up being creative?

I've got a new therapy idea for you!  And BONUS - it's about as low prep as you can get.

First, you'll want to grab a piece of paper.  Divide the paper into the same number of sections as you have students in your group.  Then, write at least 10 words in each section that have each student's targets in them.  When your students come in, you can quickly have them take turns to practice all of their words - so if you have them say each word quickly 5 times, you easily have 50 productions each right there!

Then, you'll have each student pick one of their target words, and they have to come up with a complete sentence with that word.  As you are taking turns, you are building a collaborative story!  This can be as silly or as serious as you want, and you can even keep adding to your story in subsequent sessions.  (It's also a great way to sneak in some grammar/syntax practice as well!)

Check out my video below for an example story some of my students and I made together!

Do you think this is something you would try in therapy?  If so, let me know with a comment below!

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  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I am totally doing this with my articulation groups - thank you!


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